About CABiT.us

Tired of Facebook jail? Good. Welcome to cabit.

But seriously, welcome to the first step in refuting Big Tech’s social media dominance. We’re proud to have you.

It’d be nice to say that cabit was born out of some philanthropic ambition for money or glory, but it wasn’t. The Facebook jail remark was really just a joke at first, but it’s hard to deny its validity. There are problems in the world of social media, and cabit isn’t the first attempt to solve them, only one of the latest (as of mid-January 2021).

As I write this, Parler has been offline for four days and has announced no clear recovery yet. Google, Apple, and Amazon have all seen fit to smite the still-young upstart, causing a heap of headache for the company while We The People suffer.

It’s a sad situation. It’s not the end of the world, though it seems like the beginning sometimes with so much hate being thrown on those practicing this country’s founding principles. That doesn’t do you or I much good, does it?

Unfortunately, the time for change is upon us, and that means it’s time we do our part.

For me, my part appears to be using my background in creating websites and communities to create a safe haven, a public forum where free and open discourse may thrive; but your role is far more important. You have the displeasure of switching from your current social network to another platform – at least temporarily without all your friends and family, your favorite groups, and pages, and one of a distinctly lesser-known profile (so far).

It’s a tall order. It’s also the only way we’ll ever win. Facebook is a business, and true to the capitalist ideals that have built this country so strong, businesses are beholden to their customers. With enough lost users, they may change one day but change only occurs when the pain of staying the same hurts more than the pain of changing.

We have to look out for us now because Big Tech isn’t interested. So, I introduce to you CABiT.us.

Call it CABiT, Cabit, or even – my personal fave – just cabit. It doesn’t matter for general usage. If I’m being asked, CABiT is an acronym, plus one letter, that means Citizens Against Big Tech. It is an American founded social network intended for an American audience, hence being a dot-us and not a dot-com or dot-net.

Cabit’s core values include common-decency moderation and an anti-censorship approach to the public square we intend to foster. We believe in good and evil and we’ll moderate along legal lines, but short of that, we will never officially pick sides. Just because I don’t like what you have to say doesn’t mean you have any less right to say it. I just don’t have to listen or friend/follow you, as the case may be.

Your political stance, moral code, religious beliefs, and lifestyle are your choices and yours alone. What we need now is a mainstream network on which to find others who share our beliefs, codes, and lifestyle to connect with.

Community is what it’s all about, folks.